Don Beni & The Italo Argentinian

An intimate and delicious dining experience, in Windsor & Eton, Winkfield and Crowthorne

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don-beni-francesco1989 saw the chain’s founder; Francessco opened his first restaurant in Gran Canaria. However, it was not until 1993 when he launched the first Don Beni Restaurant in Englefield, Surrey. Ever since, the Don Beni chain of restaurants has grown to become a highly revered brand in the hospitality industry, spacious enough to accommodate large parties within its floors.

The Don Beni chain of restaurants operate three restaurants in different locations and specialize in providing full-course meals and also venues where our guests can relax and also host important functions. Our facilities are well-equipped to ensure our guests enjoy every moment of being in any of our eateries. In addition, we offer a wide range of thrilling culinary to choose from in our menu. We are located in three sites: Eton, Crowthorne and Winkfield.

For client`s reach convenience, the Don Beni restaurants opened different branches for customers to enjoy the comfort near their homes or workplace. Once can choose to visit Crowthorne Restaurant: establishment 1996 and experience our services. Other branches to visit and enjoy our hospitality and culinary are the Winkfield Restaurant which was opened 1997, and our Eton Restaurant which was started in 1998.

What was the reason behind the mix between Italian and Argentinian?

The incorporation of Italian and Argentinian culture into the restaurants can be traced back to the founder’s roots. Francessco is Half Italian and Half Argentinian. His dad was Italian whereas his mum was Argentinian.

The regular events held in each restaurant

The most common event in Don Beni Restaurants is the Micheal Buble Nights. During such memorable nights, guests are entertained by tribute singers who leave a comeback memories in all the guest no matter the cultural background. In addition, we also do Frank Sinatra.